Create Amex offers

Welcome to the Amex offers machine, built to support merchants*. It thinks up exciting offers for our Cardmembers, then works hard to make sure they're successful.

The way it works is simple:

  1. 1 Together we come up with tempting offers
  2. 2 We set them up for you
  3. 3 We place your offers in front of the Cardmembers that are right for your business

You enjoy great results

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It works beautifully, because: It's simple

Together, we create a great offer and hone it to meet your objectives.

We complete the offer set up based on what's agreed.

It all happens electronically, with no coupons, vouchers or staff training to worry about.

We'll make sure the right Amex Cardmembers see it.

In short we do all the legwork, while you get the footfall.

Our Cardmembers love it

Amex Cardmembers love delightful, relevant offers.

What's more, they love knowing the Amex offers machine is pumping those offers directly to them.

Plus they appreciate the simplicity of it all: see it and save it.

It gets results


When the offer ends, we crunch the numbers:

  • First we report back with bespoke graphs and charts to show how things went
  • Then we help think up even better offers for next time

To get great results, start making delightful offers.

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