Create Amex Offers

Drive growth and deepen customer relationships through Amex Offers.


$3 Billion

of spend generated at

merchants during offer period

through the Amex Offers

platform globally 1

Drive growth and deepen customer relationships through Amex Offers.

Welcome to the Amex Offers machine, built to support merchants. It helps merchants design exciting, targeted and measurable offers for our Cardmembers and then works hard to ensure they are successful.

Why Amex Offers?

Through creating powerful, personalised campaigns on the Amex Offers platform, you can connect your brand to our affluent Cardmember base, drive spend with customers and much more.

The offers themselves are easy to set up and run, as we do all of the work.

We track the offer results and provide you with detailed data analysis and insights, which you can use in the future to make even more successful campaigns.

It works beautifully because it is simple and effective.


Together, we create a great offer and perfect it to meet your objectives.

Set up

We complete the offer set up based on what is agreed.


It all happens electronically, with no coupons, vouchers or staff training to worry about.


We will make sure the right Cardmembers see it.

Merchants love it, and our Cardmembers love it.

Amex Cardmembers love delightful, relevant and rewarding offers that are directed specifically to them from the Amex Offers machine.

Furthermore, they love the simplicity of it all, see it, save it and use it.

It gets results.

When the offer ends, we carry out in-depth data analysis of the campaign results and report back, to show how things went and future areas for improvement. This allows us to create even better offers for next time.

To get great results, start making delightful offers now.

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$3 Billion

spend generated

1 - Offer period tracking from Oct'13 to Dec'16 globally